Today's success is the enemy of tomorrow's success. In the stress of everyday life, we often forget to think about the future. How can we - regardless of whether we are a single company or a global conglomerate - respond to the opportunities and threats in our environment? How can we join forces to prepare for the future? What sort of maps do we need in order to navigate our way through the jungle?

The Strategie-Kit creates the space and structure needed to address these questions. It is a visual and playful tool for meetings, workshops, and quiet reflection. Whether it's a merger of two departments, the development of an invisible toothpaste, or a professional reorientation: The kit helps individuals, teams, and organizations to define, optimize, innovate, and discuss their strategies, plans, and initiatives.

Kit Kit Kit – Das Strategie Kit

CHF 20.00

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date October 2023
30 pages, 6.6×10 CM
ISBN 978-3-905574-13-5
EUR 18.00