The publisher:
The Kommode Verlag was founded by Annette Beger in 2010 as an individual enterprise in Zurich and has operated as a limited liability company since 2014. It a member of Swiss Independent Publishers (SWIPS), an association of 28 independent Swiss German-language presses.

About the programme:
Fine Food for Thought
The Fine Food for Thought programme focuses on narrative nonfiction that raises stimulating and provocative issues in the fields of humanity and the environment, philosophy, and psychology, providing an impetus for new perspectives on complex questions rather than a set of ready-made answers to them. Swiss fiction and translations from the most diverse regions of the world are also on the programme. Emphasis is placed on addressing topical issues that promote discourse on diversity in society.

Kommode Verlag GmbH Anemonenstrasse 40G CH-8047 Zürich  T +41 32 511 49 04 M +41 79 246 59 14 [email protected]

Julian Forrer

Annette Beger
Director / Editor in Chief
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