The Kommode Press is an independent publishing house for non-fiction and fiction located in Zürich. The name was not chosen arbitrarily: we find a place in our chest of drawers for even the most unconventional projects. The Kommode (chest of drawers) stands for our many-layered creative concept. The non-fiction books explore cultural and social themes. Whether about architecture or autism, calligraphy or art therapy, stage or rhythm, graphics or gender, Kommode Press books open up stimulating areas of tension while refusing to deliver prefabricated answers to complex questions. The literary works of our authors centre around the search for identity. We insist on close cooperation with our authors, illustrators and printers in order to maintain our high standards of authenticity and quality.

Kommode Verlag GmbH Anemonenstrasse 40G CH-8047 Zürich  T +41 32 511 49 04 M +41 79 246 59 14

Annette Beger
Director / Editor in Chief
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Somea Hürlimann
Head of Distribution / Deputy Editor in Chief
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Nani Khakshouri
Communication / Public Relations