The interactive self-help book Expedio sends readers on a journey of discovery into their own universe. An adventurous story and 310 multifarious tasks and questions lead them to discover and visualise what is already there: their own personality in all its facets. Through the visualisation and subsequent examination of individual aspects of their experience (e.g. social environment, external circumstances, personal preferences), readers attain to a comprehensive overview of their own resources and potential. Both familiar and unsuspected competencies and obstacles are revealed in this creative process. Expedio is a kind of diary that points the way to further development and new approaches to everyday life. In the course of the reader’s expedition, the book is transformed into a personal and highly individual work of art.
Annelie Kebschull
Expedio – Discover what’s already there
Kommode Verlag
132 pages, 15×21 CM
softcover, thread binding, banderole, with ribbon, with rubber band

Whether in subsidised housing in Bern, on a rubber dinghy in the Mediterranean, or in a slum in Cairo’s cemetery city, the seven protagonists of this novel are in transit. They yearn for an arrival, a new home, acceptance, or tranquillity. The stories interwoven in the novel show that love is always central – even when fleeing war, or in a forced marriage, or dealing with painful memories or the pressures of self-realisation. Demian Cornu’s debut is about setting off but also about the hope of someday arriving at a place one may always have remembered, despite never having seen it before.
Demian Cornu
Transits of Small Worlds
Kommode Verlag
432 pages, 11×18 CM
hardcover, thread binding, with ribbon