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Géraud Guillet leads us step by step toward seven universal pillars of happiness we can rely on to help us greet life with joy: Meaning, Truth, Strategy, Love, Body and Mind, Trust, and Giving. Guillet had the idea for the book after taking part in a humanitarian mission in the Philippines. He asked himself how it was possible that the people he encountered there faced every day full of joy, despite the most adverse circumstances. With accounts of extraordinary destinies and through striking statements and numerous references to literature, philosophy, and film, Guillet offers readers a unique experience, immersing them in a process that, page after page, shows how to distinguish between those things that cause personal unhappiness and those that are crucial for happiness. Simple but effective tasks embedded between the chapters challenge readers to grapple directly with their own happiness. The goal is a deep engagement with the self and the design of a valuable life strategy that allows nothing to stand in the way of personal happiness. ‘Everyone is the architect of their own happiness’, says the adage; and Géraud Gillet manages to support us in our search for happiness in an encouraging and inspiring way.
Géraud Guillet
Happy in 41 Minutes

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Kommode Verlag
128 pages, 15×21 CM
flexo cover, thread binding