In the book Echo – Ein Essay über Algorithmen und Begehren, the author looks at modern society through the lens of the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus. The story: the mountain nymph Echo talks incessantly. She lies and babbles so much that she ends up punished by Hera. She loses the ability to form her own sentences and can only repeat those of others. Echo's great love is Narcissus, who dies after falling in love with his own reflection.

In her essay, Lena Lindgren shows that this myth makes us realize that we collectively lose touch with reality because - just like Echo and Narcissus - we are trapped in spaces we ourselves create (the echo chamber and the hall of mirrors).

In her book, she addresses topics such as identity politics, culture wars, narcissism, addiction and desire, conspiracy theories, and brutal shitstorms on social media, and explains how they are all the result of a specific media mechanism. She calls this mechanism "mimetic algorithms".

Lena Lindgren is convinced that the radicalization we are all experiencing is an expression of a misguided spirituality. We are driven by a need for "something greater", the pursuit of love, and a sense of belonging. In a personal and poetic style, the author has put forward a "theory" about why the world is experiencing upheaval and why we cannot escape it untouched or unscathed.

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Kommode Verlag
Publishing date February 2024
215 pages, 11×18 CM
hardcover, thread binding, with ribbon
ISBN 978-3-905574-20-3
EUR 26.00

Translated by Andreas Donat