Protagonist Z wanders through the city, her own emotional world, and her childhood. The community that surrounds her allows her to unlearn unwanted things and to find herself more and more.

How can love challenge societal patterns?
What to do with one's own past?
What is it like to live with ten people when one grew up in a nuclear family?
And how does one get a house?

Alexandra Todorka Doza tells the story of an individual who tries to move through life in a collectivist way, repeatedly fails, and gains new insights in the process.

Alexandra Todorka Doza
Die Wörter bei uns Daheim

CHF 28.00

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date September 2024
250 pages, 11×18 CM
hardcover, thread binding, with ribbon
ISBN 978-3-905574-44-9
EUR 26.00