All the world in one book! Pierre Ducrozet tells a story that spans the globe like a web.
Adam Thobias, a pioneer of ecological thinking, is asked to lead a special expedition. To this end, he founds the "Telemach Team": a carefully assembled network of fifty globetrotters and scientists - stubborn luminaries in their respective fields of research - whom Adam Thobias sends on a quest to find the key to saving our planet.

The members of this group of charming mavericks meet on their increasingly dangerous journeys from the Pacific to the Myanmar jungle, from the Amazon to Shanghai.

While their expedition reports reveal a panicked image of a feverish planet, the three participants June, Mia, and Nathan learn that Adam Thobias harbors a megalomanic plan: an alternative, innovative, and dissident project.

In Welt im Taumel, Pierre Ducrozet questions research about the ecological situation of the world, but also the political and social quakes that are shaking our planet. His narrative style is lively, playful, and rhythmic. Welt im Taumel is a vertical chase on a rapidly spinning Earth. An adventure novel for the 21st century.

Pierre Ducrozet
Welt im Taumel

CHF 12.00CHF 30.00

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date February 2024
350 pages, 11×18 CM
hardcover, thread binding, with ribbon
ISBN 978-3-905574-22-7
EUR 26.00

Translated by Paula Rauhut