This book not only provides insight into the autism spectrum, but also allows us a glimpse of the world as seen from the perspective of an autistic child. Dr. Todd’s book is about key areas in the life of children on the autism spectrum. Due to its easily understandable introduction to the traits, it is especially well-suited for parents faced with a recent diagnosis.

Dr. Samantha Todd places the young person and their specific mode of perception in the center and encourages the reader to assume this perspective. The Little Book thereby fosters an understanding of the viewpoints and experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum. The practical and usable approach taken by the book is accompanied by sensitive and aesthetically pleasing photographs by Timothy Archibald.

The Little Book of the Autism Spectrum

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Kommode Verlag
Publishing date April 2015
127 pages, 21×27,5 CM
ISBN 978-3-9523768-5-0
EUR 24.80

Translated by Iris Halbritter