No Problem confronts you with tricky problems in an entertaining way: with awkward conversations, with embarrassing encounters, and with difficult situations. The question, each time, is: How do you react? Fortunately, you're not alone in this. Your fellow players are also trying to figure out how you would react. Do they judge you correctly? Do you behave with much more charm than they think? Or do you end up having to admit that they take you for smarter than you are?

With No Problem, you'll not only get to know each other better – you'll hopefully also gain valuable insights into how to better handle tricky situations in the future. On to the problems, get set, go!

Annette Beger
Daniel Fehr
No Problem
Ein Kommunikationskartenspiel

CHF 20.00

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date April 2023
50 problem cards, 6 scorecards
ISBN 978-3-905574-12-8
EUR 18.00