Romy and Silas want to die together. They made this promise to each other long ago. When Romy is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, their moment seems to have come. They have had it planned for a long time, down to the last detail, have chosen the day and the method, have decided how they want to spend their last hours, and who should find them… They sit together in front of their house among the dunes and hold hands, ready to go. A few hours later, Silas wakes up. Next to him in the rocking chair is the lifeless body of his great love. Why did he not die?

The following hours pass in confusion, pain, and desperation. Their mutual decision is questioned, second-guessed. Questions surface about guilt and morality. Was it betrayal, or a proof of love?

Lu Bonauer
Die Liebenden bei den Dünen

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Kommode Verlag
Publishing date April 2020
160 pages, 11×18 CM
ISBN 978-3-9525014-3-6
EUR 15.00