How do you find your place in the world?
In your life?

Getting a fix on ourselves and effectively localizing our observations and experiences involves a particular kind of navigation. It is based on our sensory impressions, and especially on what we see.

What we see is colored, distorted, and sometimes sharpened by our past – by what we have seen, experienced, and stored in the archives of our memory. We see the world in pieces, recognize fundamental patterns, compare the newly experienced with what already exists, and make out similarities and differences.

For over twenty years, Nadine Olonetzky has been taking objects she found and placing them on pages of her notebook, letting the sun shine on them. The paper yellows, and in time only the outline of the object’s shadow remains visible. The pages have effectively stored both the light that fell on them and the passage of time. Only four or five such exposures are possible in a year.

The 55 texts and 25 images in this book unveil a new view of time.

Nadine Olonetzky

CHF 26.90

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date March 2018
176 pages, 15.5×21.5 CM
Softcover, American dust jacket
ISBN 978-3-9524626-6-9
EUR 23.90