Midsummer Play is a classic—at least as a student performance at Rudolf Steiner schools, where it is performed annually on the solstice since 1956. It has lost none of its magic. In order to bring the play to life outside of auditoriums and theatres, Kommode Verlag has worked together with Claudia Lobeck, the daughter of the author, and the illustrator Katharina Cranz, to create a stunning picture book.

The scene is noon on the day of the summer solstice. A young girl, thirsty for knowledge, asks her parents questions about this natural phenomenon. Her father, seeking the right answers, begins to reflect, and falls asleep. In a dream, he experiences the forces that act behind the outward forms of nature. He sees how Pan, the chief of elemental beings, calls the various natural spirits to himself and has them report on what they have accomplished. Nymphs, sylphs, salamanders, and gnomes come, and even the fauns tell of what they have been up to.

Midsummer Play

CHF 26.90

Kommode Verlag
Publishing date June 2016
48 pages, 27,6×21 CM
Hardcover, half-cloth
ISBN 978-3-9524401-8-6
EUR 22.00