COVER_Lucky auf Reisen
Lucky—A Gecko Goes Travelling tells the story of a young gecko who leaves his home on the tropical island of Bali and heads off on a great journey. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge tempt the little gecko to new shores. The attempt to understand himself and the world drives him on. In the course of his travels Iceland becomes his yearned-for destination. On the way there Lucky has adventures in Asia, Africa and Europe. He gets to know foreign cultures, animals and people, and learns more and more about himself.
All these experiences finally steer the little gecko not just to Iceland, but to the greatest of all questions, that of the purpose of life.
Lucky shares his experiences directly with readers both young and old. He takes them on an adventurous trip around the world.
Lucky. A Gecko Goes Travelling

CHF 29.00

Kommode Verlag
200 pages, 19,5×24,5 CM